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Don’t Let a Stone Stand in Your Way


Are you overwhelmed by just the thought of what could stand in your way if you followed your calling or took a risk, not knowing whether you would succeed? In Mark 16, the discovery of the empty tomb offers insights that apply to our everyday living. As Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome were on their way to see Jesus, they began to ponder who would help them roll away the stone. It was more than they, with their united strength, could move. Additionally, the tomb was being guarded by a soldier. Once there, they encounter an angel who announces the Resurrection of Jesus.

The two dilemmas the women faced on that early morning are ones that still, if allowed, can hinder us from accomplishing our goals, or more importantly getting to Jesus; pressures (the stone) and people (the soldier). However, pressures in life and the people in our lives are no excuse for quitting or giving up on our pursuit to greatness. Notice that although the women acknowledged a potential problem ahead of them, they did not allow that to stop them in achieving their purpose. This lets us know that the presence of an obstacle should not cause us turn around and go a different direction, seeking to find a less troublesome path. The easy way is not always the best method. Many want to skip the process of learning through test and trials and would rather leap right into their destined place. However, skipping steps can be dangerous. Imagine if you were assembling a chair and decided to not include the bolts and screws. In a rush, you just placed parts together, then tried to sit down. An impatient, instant-fix approach usually results in an unfinished, ineffective product, especially when something is originally meant to take time. Furthermore, some may attempt to prevent us from what we desire to do, particularly when what we are doing will have an eternal outcome. Remember, there is no force or power in hell that can override God’s plan for your life, unless you permit it – and even then, stones can be turned. I encourage you to consider those around you who can help you get to where you are going and are committed to tackling difficult situations with you. Simply put, those who are for you will want you the best for you. Truth is, it is not always others keeping us from doing what we need to do – it is ourselves (lack of self-discipline, poor habits, etc.). Whatever you are facing, don’t let a stone stand in your way!

Jewel Challenge: What will you do this week to move the stone in your life?

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