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Insecure People

Trust Ministries Prayerline Summary

Facilitator: Joyce Terry
Topic: Insecure People
Text: Exodus 2:1-10

The definition of a fool is someone who acts unwisely. Insecure people frequently make misguided reckless decisions.

  1. Insecure people want you to do good, but not better than them.

    The king was threatened by the potential of the Hebrews, they hadn't yet outnumbered them. He saw greatness in them. He too was great, yet chose to use his authority unwisely.

  2. Insecure people want you to grow, but not outgrow them.

    The king feared that the Hebrews would outnumber them and take over. Authentic leadership and relationship necessitates mutual growth.

  3. Insecure people want you to be guided by their thoughts and discourage independent, critical thinking.

A person can be in a position of power and still lack authority. When this occurs, their only recourse is to try and control how you think. They use tactics of intimidation and try everything in their power to keep you from thinking for yourself.

So, what do you do when you can't fix a fool? For one, Moses teaches us that you don't try. Each time he approached Pharoh, he wasn't trying to change his mind in his own strength. Instead, he always began by stating what God said. A fool can fight with you, but they have to face God!

Noted Quote: "Don't try to hide your insecurities. Instead, give them to God and let Him do a work in you."
- Sis. Tammie Williams

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