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Jesus and Jimmy


Many of you know that my father was taken off of lifesaving medications and measures almost two weeks ago. We were told that he would only survive minutes. This picture of me kissing his forehead was taken a few days ago during my recent visit back to Indiana, and he is still defying the odds. This week's blog is dedicated to the man I affectionately call "Daddio" - Bishop Clarence Isaac Lee. He introduced me to the greatest man in all of history - Jesus and interceded on my behalf for God to bless me with the kindest, most loving man on earth - my husband, Jimmy. I was raised in the Church but came to know Christ for myself as a child, watching my father serve and lead. He once preached on top of our church building, drawing several hundreds of congregants and guests to hear the "good news". My love for God and others was ignited by his example and biblical teachings. The greatest gift any father can give his children is the example of following Christ and nurturing their relationship with Him. Years later, as a college graduate and traveling singer, he approached me about my singleness, stating that he was going to start a spiritual fast for me to meet my potential husband. At the time, I wasn't even dating nor was I interested in getting married. I had my own plans and idea of my future. He insisted and began drinking only water for the next 40 days, eating no food. No, that was not a typo - 40 whole days. The entire story is too extensive to share in this writing, but long story short, I met Jimmy while on tour, during my father's fast, and we just celebrated our 19 year wedding anniversary last month. Jesus and Jimmy - the two men who mean the most to me in the whole world. My father knew he would not always be with me, so he guided me to be grounded in my faith with Jesus and prayed for me to be found by the next man entrusted to love, honor, and cherish me as much as he did. What more does a little girl need? Nothing. Nothing at all.


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