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Self-Care Vs Self-Control


The term self-care has become the newest buzzword for needing to retreat and focus on one's personal, spiritual, emotional, or physical needs in order to function at a more optimum level. While self-care has been around for centuries, as it is defined today, self-care seems to be applied when one feels exhausted or overwhelmed by their circumstances.Therefore, the casual use and abuse of its concept runs the risks of becoming more and more meaningless. In other words, some use self-care as an excuse to disengage because they are unwilling or unsure of how to navigate what is happening around or to them. After getting a massage, having your nails done, visiting the spa, going shopping, reading a favorite book or doing whatever is needed, one must confront the reality they so desperately tried to avoid. While rest and relaxation is an essential part of useful and purposeful interaction, this 'treat yo self' generation has abandoned the implementation of self-disciplines that prevent burnout and other distresses that could be eliminated. My point is why not employ practices that foster a healthy, holistic lifestyle that reflects you care about yourself every day? Some of the problems and issues that we face can be avoided if we had more self-control concerning what we think, eat, say, react to, allow, or accept. From a practical standpoint, it doesn't make sense to detox and be renewed just to revert back to the poor habits, toxic environments, and old way of living and then complain and gripe about needing another self-care moment. Instead, we should resolve to acknowledge and address our needs before they become a problem. Additionally, in light of God's Word, self-care is not a fruit of the Spirit, but self-control is, and is often overlooked (Galatians 5:22). In extreme cases, you can't help yourself through pampering and putting a bandage over a wound - you need the help of the Holy Spirit to provide what you need. Spending time, money, and energy in places that will only result in a temporary fix is counterintuitive to what your mind and soul truly need. Pretty packages can still be poisonous on the inside. Self-care alone is not enough. We have to seriously deal with ourselves rather than hiding behind a trendy notion filled with promises of a better you without working on you. I'm not against bubble baths and lattes, but there's more to loving yourself than Bath & Body Works and Starbucks.

Here's this week’s Jewel Challenge: How is self-control demonstrated in your life? What adjustments must be made in order to manage your needs? Some examples may include scheduling regular doctor appointments, changing eating habits, forgiving someone, starting school, joining a faith community, talking to a therapist, and so on.

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