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The Good Shepherd

Trust Ministries Prayerline Summary

Leader: Ivana Payne
Topic: The Good Shepherd
Text: Psalm 23:1

In our relationships with others, it is easy to rely on people for needs that they are not intended or created to meet. If there is an interruption or disconnection in our relationship with others, there is a tendency to replace that person or at least fill that void. This never works because we already have everything we need in Christ - people were never meant to take God's place in our lives. Eventually, we come to a crossroad that may require a decision, either to make the same choices as before or learn from the past and rediscover the Lord as our Good Shepherd. In asking God for anything, we must remember to wait on Him and not lean on others for the answer. As we look up and not out, we will receive the desires of our hearts from the One who provides and is faithful. In doing so, we act in obedience to His Word and we release others from our unrealistic expectations. Trust that He is enough and will provide everything you need.




In the Place of Transition